Goat Farming - Training Program

Goat Farming Training

Who should attend?

The information presented in the session caters to anyone who is

Who need knowledge

Someone who trying to start a goat farm and wants to understand the big picture, economical social factors, pros and cons of the stall farming, and wanting to make a go or no-go decision.

Who need Experience

Already decided to start a farm but wants to gain invaluable experience from people who have already gone through the learning curve.

Who want to Enhance

Running a goat farm but wants to enhance the profitability and operational excellence.

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Why One Should Go For Goat Farming Training?

When you are planning on raising goats for profits or wants to enter into commercial goat farming business, you must be aware of goat facts. These facts may include, goat characteristics, high yielding goat breeds Goat Care Management, Goat feed management, goat housing management, goat breeding management, goat insurance, goat diseases and control measures, goat fattening tips, and goat marketing strategies. Unless you are sure about these goat facts, don’t get into this business. Goat farming is a very profitable business if the dedication and hard work and proper goat farming business plan are in place. It is very essential to take goat farming classes, courses, and training. You will have an opportunity to look at the goat breeds as most of the goat training centres have goat breeding facilities.

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Objectives Of Goat Farming Training

  • The significance of goats and their scope and nature of goat farming business.
  • Proper Goat Breeds selection for specified purposes which are suitable to your local climates.
  • Goat Breeding Information.
  • Goat feeds and concentrates for both meat and dairy goats.
  • Goat health care, various diseases and their prevention and treatment.
  • Husbandry tasks and any other facilities that need to be undertaken for the management of a goat especially in commercial goat rearing business.
  • Goat Kidding, Goat Kids feed management
  • Covering commercial farming of goats for fibre, meat and other products.
  • Goat farming business plans

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Sessions Includes

Day 1 - Theoretical Sessions

  • Your Business Goal
  • Importance of Goat Farming in India
  • Tea
  • Identifying Garming Goat Breed
  • Goat Food & Time Table
  • Lunch Break
  • Goat Farming Shed & Planning
  • 6 Importants Points about Goat Farming Business
  • Goat records notebook Planning
  • Rules and Policy of Goat Selling

Day 2 - Practical Sessions

  • Information about illness and remedies
  • Tea
  • Vaccination, Germs and Extermination Management
  • Lunch Break
  • IM / IV / SC / ORAL Practical
  • Emasculation
  • Nail removel
  • Ear tagging

What Did You Learn?

The Topics discussed in the class are:

Goat Farming?
How to Select Best?
Equipments Required
Routine Care
Q&A Sessions

Artificial Insemination(AI)

What is Artificial Insemination (AI)?

Artificial insemination is the breeding of a female with semen that has been collected and inseminated into the uterus or vagina using instruments or equipment rather than by natural service (breeding).

What are the advantages of AI?

  1. Disease control. This is accomplished by preventing skin contact such as in natural service.
  2. Decreases chances of injury. Semen is generally only collected every other day in an AI programme, so there is much less chance for injury.
  3. Allows more goats to be bred. AI lets us divide the semen up into as many doses as he is capable of giving in an ejaculate. Typically that is around 10-15 doses on an every other day collection schedule.
  4. Allows goats to be bred at the best time for conception. Because we can store semen either cooled or frozen mares can be bred when they are most suited for conception. In a natural service programme this would necessitate breeding the stallion as many as 5-6 times per day. Most stallions would not handle a breeding schedule like that for very long.

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