Investment Plan - Palai Project

Palai Project


The Palai project is a causal understanding where owner would put in trust to a trusted individual to take care of livestock and share the profit which yield by the company after sale of the production.

In that our client work with us as an sleeping partner of company, our Palai plan is designed to provide maximum profit for our partners. The simple and hassle free concept allow for efficient flow of investment thus guaranteeing profit in lesser time.

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Features of Palai

Why Invest in Palai?

Affordable Start-Up

We Understand that starting a goat farming business can be expensive & financially draining thats why Our farm offers affordable Palai package options that are ideal for individual under tight budget.

Good Return Of Investment

Our Palai Project is designed to provide maximum profit for our partners. The Simple And hassle free concept allows for efficient flow of investment, thus guaranteeing profit in lesser time.

Safe & Secure

Our Partnership is bound by contract to ensure security for your investment.

Easy To Manage

As partner for Our Palai Program, All you need to do is sit back and let us do the caring for your livestock. It is our responsibility that your Investment will be productive.

Low Risk

Investing in our Palai program gives guarantees you high return & will be low risk, Our contract protects your Investment and ensures that your live stock are cared and compensated

More Earning Possibilities

Our Palai Project is not limited to only one unit, You can extend It Upto 25+1 Unit. This Ensures More Profit.



Some frequently asked questions by prospects who inquired from us, we hope these will answer some of the questions you have as well.

You Can Register your appointment through our website Or you can contact us on our Customer care number given on our website to book your appointment & Can send a request to check for available slot.

The Package can be paid through bank transfer payable to the farm corporate bank transfer
We will ask for your bank account and we will deposit your pay-out directly to your account
The percentage of the net profit will be 50% to the company and 50% to the customer
Yes! Legal contract will be provided to protect the interest of both parties.
The goats are insured through In-house Insurance stated in the contract the farm will replace the goat.
Yes! We welcome all Palai partners to visit and check how goats are taken care of, Kindly send us a notice at least a week prior the intended date of visit

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