Poultry Farming Training

Who should attend Poultry Farming training?

The information presented in the session caters to anyone who is

Who need knowledge

Someone who trying to start a poultry farm and wants to understand the big picture, economical social factors, pros and cons of the stall farming, and someone wanting to make go or no-go decision.

Who need Experience

Already decided to start a poultry farm but wants to gain invaluable experience from people who have already gone through the learning curve.

Who want to Enhance

Running a poultry farm but wants to enhance the profitability and operational excellence.

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Commercial Poultry Farming Training Program

Poultry training programs will educate you about the raising chickens for their meat and eggs in order to manage a small scale, commercial poultry enterprise that will be profitable. These training program's will offer a feasibility study and market survey to investigate opportunities in your District before you start poultry enterprise and to prepare a business plan. you will be exposed to all aspects of poultry keeping on a commercial and semi commercial scale. You will also have practical activities and discussions for knowledge development. For trainees who undergo the poultry training they gain the complete technical information related to both the layer and broiler bird commercial rearing. The main prospects of this training are to demonstrate the different production systems and test their suitability.

Upcoming Training Programs

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